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Monomania: The Completely Crazy Improvised Play!

mon·o·ma·ni·a/ˌmänəˈmānēə/noun – obsessive enthusiasm for or preoccupation with one thing.

MonoMania! The Completely Crazy Improvised Play is an outrageous comedy show featuring a group of experienced improvisers who are dedicated to making you laugh your ass off!

Here’s how our show works:</br>

We ask the audience for a song lyric of their choice. With that one lyrical suggestion as our inspiration, we will improvise a brand new, never before seen one-act play!

We make up unique characters, extravagant sets, & compelling storylines right in front of your eyes. It may be dramatic, maybe even a little tragic, but it’s always funny (we are dipshits)!

Our show may look like we rehearsed it for months, but we promise there is no script, but there will be lots of laughs!

If you like crazy comedy, then your new obsession will be MonoMania!


May 06 2023


10:00 pm - 11:30 pm




The Push Comedy Theater