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Push Sings! Happy Birthday to Me!

So we all know that The Push Comedy Theater is a hot-bed for many of the 757’s greatest comedic talents. Be it Improv Comedy, Sketch Comedy, or even Stand-up Comedy, The Push Comedy Theater and its stable of regular performers cover all comedic performance bases.

But can they sing? Well friend, if you’ve ever thought and wondered as to the answer to that particular question your only option was to check out “Off-Granby: The Musical! Starring The Impromptunes” which happens on the last Thursday of every month! (which is an incredible show that you should definitely check out BTW!)

Until now that is! Get ready for a brand new musical extravaganza at The Push! Get ready for PUSH SINGS! A Celebration of Song!

See some of your favorite Push regulars like you’ve never seen them before, SINGING! Hosted by one of The Push’s best – self-proclaimed – vocal talents, Ed Carden!

Come see all the emotion, the passion, the ecstasy that only improv comedians attempting to sing can provide! Come and see what happens when PUSH SINGS!


Sep 23 2023


10:00 pm - 11:30 pm




The Push Comedy Theater