Standup 101

Learn how to perform stand-up comedy!

Stand-Up Comedy 101 class will teach you the basics of writing jokes and performing onstage in front of a live audience. Classes will concentrate on writing your own material, learning standup etiquette, and developing a stage presence.

The class will be a 4 week course ending with a graduation show at the 90 seat Push Comedy Theater.

Class will be held Sundays from 3pm to 6pm, July 10th through July 31st.

This class is taught by local comedian Hatton Jordan.

Hatton is a veteran stand-up comic who has kept his microphone in the comedy game for more than 25 years and has performed professionally in more than 15 states.

Hatton started his comedy career at the ol' Thoroughgood Inn Comedy Club in Va Beach and since then has worked many hot comedy spots such as the Improv in Washington DC, The Comedy Cabana in South Carolina, JRs in Erie, Pennyslvania and the River Center Comedy Club in San Antonio.

He even sold comedy material to Mad Magazine and, in this class, he'll tell you how he did it. Of course, he'll also tell you about his shitty shows, too.

This class is for anyone wanting to know more about how to create an act, how to perform it, how get stage time and how not to piss off veteran comics.

Prerequisites: None
Cost: $140