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An all new musical comedy each month at The Push Comedy Theater!

Off-Granby! The One-Night-Only, Unscripted Musical Comedy

Who knows what will happen in this unscripted musical comedy? But we’ll have you singing along by the end.

Off-Granby! is coming to you LIVE from Norfolk and giving you a different one-night-only, unscripted musical every single month. New songs, new characters, and new stories are all made-up on stage based on the audience’s suggestions. You won’t believe how our talented performers weave plots, heartfelt songs, and tense action into one evening of hilarious musical adventure. If you like Broadway with a side of comedy, then you’ll love Off-Granby.

Off-Granby was born in Norfolk, VA, and is unlike any other musical theater you’ve ever experienced. No scripts, no planning, and absolutely no stopping once our performers start singing. Except for our 10-minute intermission, we’ll keep you singing and on the edge of your seats waiting to see how it all comes to an end.

The Push Comedy Theater is the only place to see this kind of live, unscripted musical comedy. So grab your friends, partners, and anyone else who looks friendly, and come watch us make up the greatest musical never-to-be-seen again!

Did you miss Off-Granby this month? Don’t worry, this show occurs as part of our regular monthly programming on the first Saturday of every month. So, if you missed us this time around, we’ll be back next month with a brand new unscripted musical comedy. Also, if you have any special events that need any musical comedy,  reach out to The Push Comedy Theater and we can talk about how we can bring the laughs to your private events.

Venue Information: The Push Comedy Theater only has 90 seats, so we recommend getting your tickets in advance. We’ve been making people laugh since 2015 and are located at 763 Granby Street in Norfolk, VA. Parking is extremely limited, and encourage folks to be respectful of surrounding businesses and residences parking spaces.


May 04 2024


10:00 pm - 11:30 pm




The Push Comedy Theater