Comedy made up on the spot.

Say "Yes and…" to an improv class.

Improv 101
Introduction to Improvisational Comedy

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Learn the beginnings of Chicago-based, long-form improv. Students will learn how to create scenes based off of audience suggestions. 

Pull up a chair! Absolutely no experience in acting or comedy is needed to enjoy this class. Over six weeks, we’ll cover the basics of improv comedy. By the end of the class, you’ll be ready to take part in a graduation show on the Push Comedy Theater stage.

The Push Comedy Theater strives to create a fun, safe, and supportive experience for all students while they learn:

The fundamentals of “Yes and…”
How to support scene partners’ ideas and energy
How to quickly make strong character choices
And become comfortable making it all up on the spot

Improv 201
Foundations of the Harold, Games, & Second Beats

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Students will explore the beginnings of ‘The Harold’, a long-form improvisation structure, by learning to identify the ‘game’ of a scene and how to heighten those games to develop ‘second beats’.

Scenes are fun, but lets on the fundamentals and skills from in 101 more. In this six-week class, students will learn how to identify what’s working in a scene and discover the hidden ‘game’ behind it. Then, learn to bring back the same ‘game’ and heighten it to create a ‘second beat’. It’s like getting lightning to strike twice, with half the effort.

At the end of the session, students will take part in a graduation show on the Push Comedy Theater stage where you’ll once again impress your friends and family with your newfound superpower.

Prerequisites: Improv 101
(You’ve gotta start at the beginning)

Improv 301
Openers & Group Games of ‘The Harold’

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Improv is more fun when everyone gets involved. Learn to explore a one-word suggestion as a team and how about group games to make a complete Harold.

Every Harold starts with an opener you explore as a team and features a few group games along the way. In this six-week class, you’ll learn the different openers teams can use to explore one-word suggestions. Students will also learn about the group games you’ll play to break up your ‘traditional’ two-person scenes.

By the end of the session, you’ll be performing a complete Harold (or two) on stage at The Push Comedy Theater. Friends and Family are encouraged to come and witness this crowning achievement.

Prerequisites: Improv 101 & 201
(Do you see a pattern?)

Psssssst…Wanna try Music Improv?

Imagine not knowing what to say next but instead, you’ve got to sing about it.

Improv 401
‘The (Advanced) Harold’

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Put it all together now! All the skills combined make for an in-depth study of ‘The Harold’. Students will learn about tightening up the form and committing to a group-mind mentality.

Improv comedy is like going to the gym. It’s all about the repetition. In this six-week class, you’ll be flexing all the skills you’ve learned so far and putting them to good use. You’ll become best friends with The Harold, learning more about how to put all the games, scene devices, group games, callbacks, and other elements of improv together so that each set is completely different and unique. Like a snowflake.

By the end of the session, you’ll be performing in a graduation show demonstrating how you and The Harold are good buddies now.

Prerequisites: Improv 301 and below
(We know you see the pattern. We have to put it for legal reasons.)

Improv 501
Improv Studio

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It’s the end! But not really. It’s time to focus on yourself. Learn about your individual strengths and weaknesses as an improviser and how they are most likely the same things.

This class follows a very free-form structure and often focuses on troubleshooting scenes by side-coaching, focuses exercises, and repetition. New forms are often introduced to students, as well as opportunities to explore other pre-existing forms aside from The Harold. Really this class is a chance to really get critical about how to improve your scenes. Students often retake this course periodically to sharpen their skills and meet new improvisers.

By the end of the session, you’ll be performing in a show dependent on the material covered over the course of the session. This could be an alternate form, a new form, or getting the chance to show off your mastery of The Harold.

Prerequisites: Improv 401 and below
(There is no joke here.)