The Push Comedy Theater is a 90 seat venue in the heart of Norfolk's brand new Arts District.

Founded by local comedy group The Pushers, the Push Comedy Theater is dedicated to bringing live comedy from the best local and national acts.

The Push Comedy Theater hosts live sketch, improv and stand-up comedy on Friday and Saturday nights. During the week classes are offered in stand-up, sketch and improv comedy as well as acting.

Whether you're a die-hard comedy lover or a casual fan... a seasoned performer or someone who's never stepped foot on stage... the Push Comedy Theater has something for you.

Upcoming Camps

Pre-teen Improvisation Comedy Camp

This camp is open to children ages 7 to 12. Students will explore the key elements of both long and short form improvisation. The children will play numerous improv games which will serve to develop and enhance their public-speaking, social, and team-building skills. This camp will be conducted...

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Teen Improv Camp

Jump head first into the wonderful world of improv comedy. This camp is open to teens from the age of 13 to 18, and absolutely no experience is needed. Students will explore the key tools behind both long and short form improvisation. We will play numerous improv games which will help to sharpen...

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Upcoming Shows

A Tribute to John Sharp

John Sharp was a hilarious and beloved member of the Push Comedy Theater family. He was a joy to watch and perform with on stage... and we were honored to call him our friend. When we last saw John, he said "No p#ssy crying when I die, only laughs." We of course are going to honor his...

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The Improv Riot: The Short Form Improv Show

Get ready for short form (Whose Line is it Anyway?) improv at the Push Comedy Theater.You demanded it! So now it's here!!! Our very own short form improv show. All the fun of Whose Line is it Anyway... right here in Downtown Norfolk.The Improv Riot: The Short Form Improv ShowFriday, June 24th,...

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Harold Night

It's Harold Night at the Push Comedy Theater! So who the heck is Harold? More accurately the question should be... what the heck is a Harold? The Harold is the big, bad grand daddy of all long form improv! It starts with an audience suggestion, then improvisers weave together scenes,...

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Couples Therapy

You think your relationship has problems?!?In Couples Therapy you'll meet a couple on the rocks... be it newlyweds on a honeymoon from hell or an elderly couple at the end of their rope.Based on an audience suggestion, Sean and Brittany take you through a roller coaster ride of emotions as they...

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IMPROVAGEDDON: The Ultimate Improv Competition!

Prepare for Glory!!Prepare for IMPROVAGEDDON: The Ultimate Improv Competition!!!We stand before the dawn of a new world!  Last month, the reigning champs, The Dudes, failed to abide and were forced to surrender the Improvageddon Championship, and the coveted Hammer of Lowell to 3 on 3 Improv...

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The First Timers Club: A Sketch Comedy Show

Get ready to laugh your butts off!!! It's The First Timers Club: A Brand New Comedy Show from the minds of the Push Comedy Theater's Sketch Comedy Writing Class. The writers of our Sketch 101 Writing Class have been slaving away for months (under our expert and somewhat drunken tutelage)... and...

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Double Feature: The Made Up Movie

Double Feature is back for another round of made up, movie mayhem!!!! Who needs Hollywood! With a single audience suggestion an entire movie is created right before your eyes. Courageous heroes... dastardly villains... mind blowing special effects... you'll see it all and more crammed into two...

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The Push Comedy Theater's Sketch Comedy Showcase is back with a Vengeance!!!! This is the show where anything goes... and we do mean anything. Last month's show was crazy!!! Who knows what surprises we have in store for this show!!! -- Get ready for a sketch comedy show like no...

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Girl-Prov: The Girls' Night of Improv

GET READY FOR GIRL'S NIGHT! Move over, gentleman! The ladies are taking over for a girls' night! GirlProv is an all-female improv group, making audiences lose it with laughter at the Push Comedy Theater. It's slumber party meets night out on the town meet sorority house party! Don't miss this...

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Who Dunnit? ...The Improvised Murder Mystery

Get ready for a spine tingling murder mystery!!! There's a killer on the loose... can you solve this classic who dunnit before they strike again!?!This show will have all the trappings of a thrilling mystery... a dastardly villain, shifty suspects and an intrepid detective. ...And it will all...

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Current And Upcoming Classes

Sketch Comedy Writing 201

This is where it gets real!!!!This course builds upon the fundamentals and skills learned in 101. The class will focus on developing comedic characters, parody and building their own, unique showAt the end of the session, students sketches will be performed on the Push Comedy Theater stage by...

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​Improv 201 at the Push Comedy Theater

Improv 201 at the Push Comedy TheaterThis course builds upon the fundamentals and skills learned in 101. Students will learn the beginnings 'The Harold' a long form improvisation structure developed by Del Close. They will learn how to identify the 'game' of a scene and how to heighten these...

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Improv 101 with Brad McMurran

Jump into the wonderful and wild world of improv comedy!!!Learn the beginnings of Chicago-based, long form improv. Students will learn how to create scenes based off of audience suggestions. They will learn the fundamentals of 'Yes, And,' how to support scene partners' ideas and energy, and how...

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​Improv 401: Advanced Harold

Improv 401: Advanced Harold Now we put it all together. Students will combine the skills learned in the previous courses for an in depth study of The Harold. This course will delve deeper into the form, focusing on editing scenes, individual and group commitment, as well as the components of...

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Sketch Comedy Writing 101

Sketch Comedy Writing 101Dive head first into the wonderful world of sketch comedy! Whether you're a seasoned writer or someone who rarely picks up a pen, this class will teach how to get the funny ideas out of your head and onto the page. In this class we will examine the various types of...

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Improv 501: Improv Studio

This course focuses on giving students individual attention to their strengths and weaknesses. We will also break down the different components of improv scenes and the choices that improvisers have and make within those scenes.This course will focus primarily on giving the students a deeper...

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Stand-Up Comedy 101 with Hatton Jordan

Learn how to perform stand-up comedy! Stand-Up Comedy 101 class will teach you the basics of writing jokes and performing onstage in front of a live audience. Classes will concentrate on writing your own material, learning standup etiquette, and developing a stage presence. The class will be a...

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