In the heart of Norfolk, Virginia

Welcome to The Push Comedy Theater

Located At

763 Granby Street

Norfolk, VA

The Push Comedy Theater is a 90 seat venue bringing you live comedy from the best local and national acts every single week.

Founded by The Pushers and located in the heart of Norfolk’s NEON District, the Push Comedy Theater is a staple in Hampton Roads theater.

The Push (as well lovingly call it) hosts live sketch, improv, and stand-up comedy Thursday through Sunday. With the addition of the new Push Comedy Theater Training Center down the street, we offer a host of stand-up, sketch and improv comedy classes throughout the week.

Whether you’re a die-hard comedy lover or a casual fan… a seasoned performer or someone who’s never stepped foot on stage… the Push Comedy Theater has something for you.

Parking At Push

Limited parking is located across from the front of the theater at The Plot parking lot (on the corner of East Olney and Granby). Street parking is also available along Granby Street, Wilson Avenue, and West Olney Road.

We realize our shows go long into the evening, and we’re happy to make sure you get to your car safely. If you’d like an escort to your car, please notify the staff and we’ll walk you to your car without question.

Sorry, No Outside Food or Drinks

Outside food and drinks are not allowed in the theater, because we’ve got The Wiener Hole. Tucked in the back of The Push Comedy Theater, this tiny alcove is home to the finest concessions, hot dogs, and local beer that money can buy in the 757.

We recommend that you get what you need before the show starts, but feel free to get up at any time during the show and refresh your beverage or grab a second hot dog. You won’t disturb anyone so long as you’re respectful of the show in progress.

Tickets, Seating, and Sell-Outs

If a show is sold out, we will not be able to sell additional tickets beyond capacity. If you’re excited about seeing a show and just can’t miss it, we recommend that you purchase your ticket online through the links provided on this site or posted on our Facebook events. is our only vendor unless otherwise noted for special events.

We especially recommend larger groups (4+) buy their tickets sooner than later and arrive early. We do our best to ensure groups sit together, but there is no assigned seating with ticket purchases. If you need special seating for medical reasons, please contact us ahead of time so we can best accommodate your needs.

We’re good with kids, but not all the time.

The Push Comedy Theater loves to make people laugh, no matter how young or old. However, our younger patrons (ages 15 and under) will not be admitted to shows unless they are labeled as ‘family-friendly’. We’re just trying to help you avoid any awkward car rides home.

Also, our 10pm shows typically run longer into the night and contain more mature subject matter. So, younger patrons will not be admitted to these shows at all.

Gender-Neutral Facilities

The Push Comedy Theater has two, gender-neutral restrooms located in the rear of the theater on the right-hand side (opposite the Adam Beck Paine Tech Booth). However, in times of high usage lines usually form based on binary gender identities. These lines are likely to occur at intermission and 10 minutes prior to showtimes and are designed to ensure as many people can make use of the facilities comfortably and quickly. Please be respectful of the lines that form. If you have an issue with the accommodations, please notify the staff immediately.

Make Your Partner
Look Good

Aside from the weekly comedy schedule, The Push Comedy Theater is committed to collaborating with other theatrical groups or producers. While The Push Comedy Theater loves a good laugh, we are always interested to producing original, unique shows and experiences that may not fit in at other venues.

Any questions? We (might) have answers.

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