Maybe you were nominated for ‘Class Clown’. Maybe not.

Stand Up Comedy could be for you

Stand Up 101
Introduction to Stand Up

Coming soon!

Have your friends ever said, “You’re so funny!” or “You should do stand up.” Well here’s your shot. Show us what you’ve got.

Learn how to perform stand-up comedy!

Learn about the often-overlooked basics of stand-up comedy and the nuances of fine-tuning your act from almost-jaded veteran comic Hatton Jordan.

This class focuses on learning three skills:

  • HOW to craft an original set,
  • HOW to host a show like a pro
  • HOW to market yourself so club bookers will want to pay you.

This course culminates with YOU and the others in your class performing your set at your Grad Show at the Push Theater.

The class will be a 6-week course ending with a graduation show at the 90 seat Push Comedy Theater.